Emily Jane Wall Burnley is an artist and art educator currently living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota by way of North Carolina, New York City, and Washington D.C.  She graduated from the University of North Carolina in 2008 with a degree in Studio Art.  Additionally, she holds a Masters degree in Art and Art Education from Teachers College at Columbia University in New York City.  Her work has exhibited in New York, North Carolina, and Minnesota.  

Artist Statement:

Emily Jane Wall Burnley's work focuses on memory and nostalgia--both in the representational and abstract. She is interested in how and why innocuous objects and renderings of places elicit strong emotional responses.  Why do some memories stain and others fade? Why do certain objects and vignettes trigger strong emotional responses when presented in a specific way and others do not?  Her representational work focuses on capturing the emotional energy of ordinary objects, landmarks, and vignettes, while her abstract pieces juxtapose chaotic mark-making and created space.  The stark juxtaposition of energy and calm visually represents how some memories stain the surface and others fade to create space for new emotional responses to emerge.